The SEV is the result of the imaginative idea of Dr. Giuliano Grassi, former Secretary General of EUBIA, and of his many years of work dedicated to the study of innovative technologies applied to the fields of clean energy, agriculture and biosciences. The SEV is an integrated plan that makes architecture, agriculture, and technologies work together in full interdependence and in a green environment. The result is a rural villange with enhanced urban/social structure, a sustainable/circular economy, and demographic stability. At the base of the vision of the SEV is the strong belief that it can create practical and sustainable incentives for the human resources of the village to remain in their native place and not to move eleswhere to seek ways for livelihood.


  • Establishing management & control on a small (250 ha) high-production plantation, in tropical or sub-tropical regions, sufficient to provide reasonable livelihood for a typical rural village of 250 families or 1,000 individuals.

  • Implementing an industrial complex within the SEV that includes modern, simple, and built-to-last technologies that can be operated with gender-equality local labour and equipped with training facilities that can develop skills.

  • Establishing a sustainable, circular economy based on advanced agronomic practices and the exploitation of high-yield cultivations of sweet sorghum optimized through best hybrid selection.

  • Ensuring sufficient production of basic goods and supply of services that can cover the basic needs of the Village, which include certainty of paid work for the available workforce, health care, education, and training for higher skills.

  • Generating revenues from value-added products from the agri-industrial process of the SEV that can ensure adequate operation margin and reasonable return on the investment for the investors based on market standard project investment criteria.


The first of the three currently planned SEVs will be constructed at Mundargi, a municipal town in Gadag district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Mundargi is about 36 kilometers from Gadag, and 300 km from Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karanatak. Here below is a preliminary schematic layout of the industrial component of the project.

Project Site Schematic Layout


The funds allocated for the construction of the project are about 9,000 000 Euro and are provided by the SEV Foundation, a non-profit organization currently being established with its Headquarters in Waterloo, Belgium.