BioTherm Industries ( )

This company, based in Talminadu, India, has been funded by Randy Renganathan, a pioneer in the production of thermal energy using the Biomass Gasification Technology. This company has used and perfected this technology for more than a decade in its own designed and constructed plants, currently still operating. As a result,  BioTherm Industries possesses a unique know-how and capability in providing efficient, sustainable, commercially viable green energy which beats any competition in this field.

Biotherm Industries has also developed a specific know-how in large scale plantations for trees and woody grass suitable as Feedstock for Gasification. The present and further expanding 400 acres of Casuarina Junghuhniana, 200 acres of Meliadubia and 100 acres of bamboo are the captive plantations at Mundargitaluk, Gadag district, Karnataka, for generating raw material for gasification.

BioTherm Industries is BSD's selected supplier of the gasification technology for all ongoing and future projects developed by BSD.

BCX Bio-Organics ( )

BCX Bio-Organics, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India has developed organic products such as BCX Biochar Bio-Organic Compost, BCX Foliar Solution, BCX Rooting. These products based on biochar have shown extremely good results for enhanced growth of biomass plantations.

BioTherm Industries is BSD's designated supplier of fertilization products for the development of feedstock plantations for the biomass gasification plants for all ongoing and future projects BSD is working on.

INNIO (Jenbacher - Waukesha) ( )

BioTherm Industries and INNIO have started a productive collaboration where BioTherm gasification plant and Jenbacher and Waukesha syngas engines are associated in the production of biomass-to-energy initiatives.

BSD promotes power plants that utilize the gas engines from the above prestigious manufacturers.


Forest Energy (

Forest Energy Inc, is a Tokyo, Japan based project development company specialized in projects that utilize biomass gasification to produce thermal and electrical energy. Japan offers strong incentives for the clean energy derived from the local abundant biomass resources. Forest Energy has a strong portfolio of biomass fired power plants and has access to sources of financing. Forest Energy as entered with BioTherm Industries a supply agreement for the utilization of BioTherm gasification technology in future Forest Energy biomass gasification projects in Japan.

BSD works with both BioTherm and Forest Energy on the projects in its development program addressing countries such as India, Egypt, Sudan and other African countries under the COMESA agreement.

Nippon Woodgas Pvt. Ltd.

Nippon Woodga Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian based company currently under formation by BioTherm Industries, Forest Energy, and Biomass Syngas Development. Its purpose is the manufacturing and sale of innovative technologies that include biomass gasification, cane stalk separation, and other technologies that form an integrated agri-industrial facility.

Comesa Marketing & Trade (

Comesa M&T based in Cairo, Egypt, is a marketing and trade consulting and projects development company owned and managed by Dr. Sharief El Khoraibi, a well reputed Egyptian businessman with a vast industrial business network in all West-Africa member countries of the COMESA Agreement, in particular Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.

BSD has a standing cooperation agreement with Comesa M&T which will be key to develop and support biomass gasification project and other agri-industrial initiative in BSD's business plan.

ETA Florence Renewable Energies (

ETA's expertise derives from over 250 international projects completed with a multidisciplinary expert's team providing consulting and engineering services to public and private organizations worldwide. Since ETA is also the organizer of the annual European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE) and supports international conference and exhibition in the renewable energy field, has a constant outlook on the latest global trends in market, technologies, research and policies.

ETA cooperates in the development initiative for the Sustainable Eco Village (SEV) a program of several projects worldwide in which BSD covers the role of Owner's Engineer and Operation Manager.


BSD has a standing cooperation agreement entered in year 2016 with the Assiut University, a center of excellence in the field of agriculture for the Upper Egypt. The work scope includes demonstration of innovative agri-industrial technology initiatives, specifically in the field of cane stalk fractionation, biomass gasification, and agriculture enhancement with biochar applications.

BSD's access to the President of the University and to the Deans of the various faculties, greatly facilitates cooperation with the Egyptian think tanks involved in the development of Upper Egypt, a strategic priority for the Government of Egypt. Also, the cooperation and support by the leader of the Integrated Technology Transfer Unit, Prof. Doc. Wael M.K. Aldien, provides valuable access to the Egyptian private industry sector, in particular the part having interests in the agri-industrial innovative technologies promoted by BSD.

In connection with the project development initiative for the Sustainable Eco Village (SEV), BSD has developed a cooperation with a team of architecture designers working with the University of Florence and specifically with the prestigious Interuniversity Research Center Headquarters ABITA, an academic institute established by a prestigious group of Italian Universities, headquartered at the Florence University under the direction of the Department of Architecture. The mission of this institute is to provide design guidance and innovative, eco-friendly solutions for contemporary urban architecture that integrates construction with sustainable solutions based on renewable resources.

For the urban design part of the SEV project, BSD seeks the guidance and expertise of Prof. Marco Sala and Prof. Fernando Recalde and of their team of architects in Florence, Italy.