The biomass preparation technology provided by BSD, manufactured by its associated company "BioTherm Industries", is designed to address the fuel requirements for firing the associated Gasification Plant all year round in continuous service. Certain components are specifically designed based on the characteristics of the feedstock. The typical biomass preparation package consists of the major components described below.


This type of equipment is used to provide the first size reduction of the raw from the field into a small size raw material, free of extraneous matters, suitable for further processing.

Hammer Mill.

This type of equipment is used to reduce the biomass to the an omegenous small size particulate suitable for quality pellet. At this stage of preparation the biomass still contains moisture content unsuitable for pelletization.

Flash Dryer.

This dryer utilizes countercurrent hot air, heated in a boiler fired with syngas from the Gasification Plant. It brings the moisture content of the biomass down to l0% (w.b.) that is the level required to produce good pellets.

Pellet Press.

Manufactured based on a simple yet sturdy design, produce pellets of 20 mm in diameter, and 40 to 60 mm in length. The mechanical characteristics of the pellets ensures minimal presence of fines.

Material Handling.

Horizontal and vertical conveyors are designed to provide continuous automatic delivery of the material from station to station.