The Gasification Plants designed and manufactured by "BioTherm Industries", the supplier of choice for BSD's projects, typically generate, as a by-product, biochar in the amount of about 7% of the feedstock gasified.

Biochar Production.

Biochar is an extremely valuable byproduct of the biomass gasification technology. The quality and properties of biochar vary depending on the biomass selection being gasified and the its yield decreases with the process temperature.

The most unique physical property of charcoal is the extremely high porosity, where macro porosity is mainly dependent on the type of biomass and nano porosity on the temperature of the process. The porosity of biochar is measured by the specific surface area (SSA, m2 /g) that is the surface per gram of biochar. This number can range between 500 to 1,500 depending on the type of biochar. If treated with the activation process, the SSA can range up to 3,000.

Biochar porosity is the reason why water retention increases in the soil when biochar is used as compost. Its use can result in saving from 20 to 30 % of irrigation water.

Because of high porosity, the addition of appropriate nutrients to the biochar decreases the dispersion of nutrients in the soil and decreases the need of conventional fertilizers.

Using the biochar from selected feedstock, BCX Bio-Organics, a company cooperating with BSD, has developed organic inputs such as BCX Biochar Bio-Organic Compost, BCX Foliar Solution, BCX Rooting Solution that have shown extremely good results for enhanced growth of biomass plantations. These enhancements are possible due to the improved plant cell metabolism resulting from the increased amount of nitrogen and other important nutrients that encourage micro-organisms to thrive in the soil, and thus, increase soil fertility.

The application of biochar-based products returns to the soil carbon that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere in the form of CO2. This process, commonly known as "carbon sequestration", is "carbon negative" and can help stop global warming.